Sleeping Beauties

All you ladies out there married to Indonesian men, have you ever wondered if your husband has narcolepsy? Seriously, I have never known a man who can fall asleep so quickly and in such uncomfortable positions as my husband. Actually, I’ve seen his brothers and father pass out with equal speediness so perhaps it’s a narcoleptic gene…

ongk sleep

While I toss and turn for hours thinking about the pile of laundry the needs to be washed, the cat food that needs to be bought, and the possibility of a catastrophic natural disaster any moment, my husband is starfished on the living room floor in his underwear “watching tv”.

sleeping beauties

I would have to be about a bottle of wine deep to pass out with my face stuck to the tiles, and I think the family would wonder if there was something seriously wrong if they found me like this. Actually, my mother-in-law once passed by while I was stretching my back on the floor (I was very pregnant) and came running into the house totally panicked thinking I had collapsed. A nice reminder that if I were to collapse on my own I wouldn’t be half eaten by the cat before someone found me.

Hmmm…tangent. Well, I am jealous of these lucky boys that can sleep like they’ve fallen from the sky but I also am aware that people may trip over me, so I’ll stick to my bed.

Alot asleep




4 thoughts on “Sleeping Beauties

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  1. Haha yes! My husband and his family can go from awake to snoring anywhere, anytime in less than 5 minutes. It made me envious when we had babies and I was exhausted and needed a nap. My father in law would have grandchildren leaping around him and remain asleep while my mother in law slept with one ear open. The softest cry from a baby and she was wide awake.

  2. Hahaha… nice story.. But that’sl true.. I’m a balinese man, i can go from awake to snoring anywhere..

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