Strike a Pose


Last week a bunch of our mum friends and their kids went to spend the day at Komune beach club. It’s an excellent place to hang out in the sun, play in the pool and apparently take thousands of selfies…

Sitting around in our wet towels, eating fish and chips we definitely weren’t ready for our close-ups but it seemed the group of Indonesian 20-somethings that arrived and sat on the loungers next to us definitely were. The four girls preened and reapplied their (copious amounts of) makeup and even changed their clothes before the photo shoot really began.

Phones the size of most people’s tvs came out of handbags you could stow a small child in and held at arms length they snapped away happily pouting at themselves. Actually, to be fair they also took picture of each other pouting.

There didn’t seem to be any sign of them ordering anything or using the pool at this point, but they did suddenly magic a small bouquet of roses from somewhere and began a whole new round of posing. Just when I thought they might give their facial muscles a rest, a fully inflated balloon was pulled from the same mystical place the flowers had come from. Apparently they were just getting warmed up and they were oblivious to how ridiculous they looked. After about 20 minutes of this the group got up and left.


This is one of those cultural phenomena I just can’t wrap my head around. Did they come and take photos just to say they had been to Komune? It certainly seemed that way.

I’m all for taking photos and for sharing on social media, but are these people missing out on experiences because they are too busy sharing them? Also, most people look like narcissistic fools in selfies…just sayin’. (Exhibit A, Indonesia’s most famous female police officer)

Enter a caption

A couple of months ago when I went to stay in a hotel for Nyepi with my family, I was amazed at the amount of people sitting around the pool with their phones out. The hotel was a 5 star resort, why weren’t they enjoying it?? For the amount of money it cost us to stay there I was determined to squeeze every last bit of enjoyment out of it and left my phone to go dead in the room.

In 20 years will these people telling their kids about that awesome time they went to Komune, or the amazing weekend they spent at the Rimba? I feel sad for them to think that their memories will all be so very dull and their pictures will be the versions of themselves that they want everyone to see because all the flawed ones have been deleted.

Every day I see families in restaurants playing on their phones instead of having conversations, friends sitting around with their phones looking at facebook to see what other friends are up to (they’re on facebook as well you fools!) and don’t even get me started on people who don’t even stop their motorbike to answer their phone or send a text.



me: BAHHHHHH!!!!

Perhaps it’s time to put the phones away, stop pouting, look around and smell those roses instead of posing with them.


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  1. Made me laugh as it’s a scenario I have seen frequently in many places. I too have wondered what people are actually experiencing when all they do is look at their phones or pout into them. Great article Hannah

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