International Movers

I recently returned from a trip home to America where, as one could guess, the Trump vs. Clinton debate as to who should (or shouldn’t) be president was the hot topic among most people at the moment. Interestingly, I noticed that regardless of what candidate people were promising to vote for, I kept hearing many... Continue Reading →


He’s Just Not That Into It

My Birthday is next week and thinking about it I began reminiscing (not in a soft focus, doe eyed kind of way, but more of a reminder that I shouldn’t get my hopes up this year) about my 32nd a few years back. I know it wasn’t a big one like 1 or 18 or... Continue Reading →

Sleeping Beauties

All you ladies out there married to Indonesian men, have you ever wondered if your husband has narcolepsy? Seriously, I have never known a man who can fall asleep so quickly and in such uncomfortable positions as my husband. Actually, I've seen his brothers and father pass out with equal speediness so perhaps it's a... Continue Reading →

Strike a Pose

Last week a bunch of our mum friends and their kids went to spend the day at Komune beach club. It's an excellent place to hang out in the sun, play in the pool and apparently take thousands of selfies... Sitting around in our wet towels, eating fish and chips we definitely weren't ready for... Continue Reading →

Girls Rule

There has been a vast period of time that has elapsed since we last blogged. Mostly this is because we have been participating in the usual family/life juggling act, but with some other important bits added in to take up big chunks of our extra time as well. As always, motherhood and outside life is... Continue Reading →

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